Is there a BEST parenting style: An Allina Health psychologist weighs in

[WCCO-TV News, February 06, 2024] Allina Health psychologist David Nathan, PsyD LP says parenting is the most difficult thing we do as adults. Parents are constantly searching for ways to be the best parent possible. For those who have turned to social media, they may have seen the latest debate over something called gentle parenting.

Dr. Nathan says don’t get caught up in terms, but actions. He tells parents to strive to be warm and caring toward their children, while providing boundaries. It’s basically setting rules and communicating those rules to your children without always shouting or being abrasive. He joined WCCO-TV news to break down the differences between the four most common styles of parenting and share some resources for parents looking to learn more.

Posted on February 06, 2024 in Mental Health and AddictionMental health

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