Screens, sleep and kids: an Allina Health expert shares tips

[Fox 9 News, December 27, 2023] Let’s face it: watching content or any screen is an entertaining way to pass the time, but it is not the only way to pass the time, especially when kids are home on winter break. Dylan, Bindman, MD, a family doctor with Allina Health, says parents should also plan fun indoor and outdoor activities. They could include games, puzzles, reading a book, baking, arts and crafts, walks and much more.

If you don’ have time for planning, Dr. Bindman says the most important time to limit screens is right before bed. The light tricks our brain into thinking it’s still light outside, which could make it harder to fall asleep or get the sleep you need.

Check out his interview on KMSP, FOX 9 News.

Posted on December 27, 2023 in Pediatrics

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