Navigating kids and screen time during the holiday break

[WCCO-TV News, December 19, 2023] Did you know there are four categories of screen time?

  • Passive – watching movies, binge watching shows or scrolling through social media apps.
  • Interactive – this includes video games or content that requires some sort of action by children such as Go Noodle videos.
  • Communication – this communication consists of screen time such as FaceTime or video chat.
  • Creative – this form of screen time includes children creating their own content, such as their own videos or digital art.

It’s that time of year where you celebrate the winter holidays, and your children have up to two weeks away from school. While you may love having the kids home, you may struggle to keep them from declaring their boredom when they don’t have access to their smart phones and tablets. Susan Inoue, MD, a family doctor with Allina Health, joined WCCO-TV to share some information to help parents navigate any conflict that may arise over screen time.

Posted on December 19, 2023 in Pediatrics

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