Allina Health Faribault Medical Center's expanding cancer services now include breast MRIs

[Faribault Daily News, November 06, 2023] Allina Health Faribault Medical Center upgraded its MRI unit. It is now the first in the region to offer breast MRIs. In the past patients had to travel as far as the Twin Cities for this service.

Oncology nurse practitioner Amy Selly, MRI tech Rachel Flitsch and diagnostic imaging manager Paul Quandt spoke to a reporter with the Faribault Daily News about who would needs a breast MRI and why this upgraded MRI unit is beneficial to the entire the community.

From the article:
“An MRI also is recommended annually for people who have the gene mutations known to increase the risk of developing breast and ovarian cancer, commonly called the BRCA genes. Selly said screening is recommended every six months for those known to have the mutation, alternating between a mammogram and an MRI.

The scan itself takes about 20 minutes, according to MRI tech Rachel Flitsch. But it takes significantly longer to get the patient prepped and positioned to get the best possible scans, she said.

The wait to get in for a breast MRI is about two weeks, according to Flitsch.”

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The MRI breast imaging procedure relies on precise positioning and a magnetic field to create high-quality images in multiple places.

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