Allina Health researchers study how pregnancy impacts women with rare heart condition

[Allina Health News: Research, October 12, 2023] Allina Health providers are conducting research to learn the impacts on pregnancy for women with a rare heart condition called Ebstein’s anomaly. Findings from this international study give providers better insight into pregnancy risks and how to counsel patients.

Ebstein’s anomaly is a rare congenital cardiac condition characterized by defects to the tricuspid valve with atrialization and secondary dilation and enlargement of the right ventricle. Data on pregnancy outcomes of women with this condition are very limited. Using the Registry of Pregnancy and Cardiac disease (ROPAC), researchers were able to combine data from 22 countries and enroll 81 women with an Ebstein’s anomaly diagnosis. 

William Wagner, MD William Wagner, MD a maternal-fetal/critical care and cardio-obstetric medicine specialist with Minnesota Perinatal Physicians, part of Allina Health, co-authored Original research: Pregnancy outcomes in women with Ebstein’s anomaly: data from the Registry of Pregnancy And Cardiac disease (ROPAC) - PMC (

At least one major adverse cardiac event occurred in approximately 10% of the pregnancies
Almost half of the women delivered their baby via c-section
Roughly 25% of labors resulted in a pre-term birth
Of the 81 births, 4 infants had a congenital heart disease diagnosis after birth

These important findings will guide counseling recommendations from providers and can inform patients on potential risks of pregnancy with this condition. 

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