Fall allergy season upon us in Minnesota – and it's longer

[WCCO-TV News, September 05, 2022] Have your eyes been itchy? Have you been sneezing? You may be suffering from late summer and early fall allergies due to high pollen levels in the Twin Cities.

Dr. Pramod Kelkar, an allergist at Allina Health, said Ragweed pollen is usually the worst offender in Minnesota because it's so common in the Midwest and it can travel in the air for upwards of 200 miles. Those who are susceptible can feel the irritation from August through mid-October.

"Right now is the biggest time for fall allergies,"Kelkar said. "It feels like the spring is the stronger allergy season, but in fact spring allergies and summer allergies and fall allergies can be equally bad. It just depends on what things you're allergic to."

Posted on September 06, 2022 in AllergiesAllergies

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