COVID -19 tests: What are the differences? When might you want to take more than one?

[WCCO-TV News, December 09, 2021] The Minnesota Department of Health wants Minnesotans to get tested for COVID-19 before seeing family for the holidays. But there are different options now. So, which type of test is more accurate, and when might you want to take more than one?

Health officials says PCR tests are the most accurate, but your results won’t be the quickest. That’s where the antigen tests come in handy.

“I carry these with me. I’ve stocked up on them for my home visits,” said Dr. Frank Rhame, an Allina Health infectious disease specialist.

He says positive results from at-home antigen tests are reliable. However, false negatives are not unheard of. He said tests can miss a real infection especially, if it’s early and you don’t have symptoms.

Posted on December 10, 2021 in coronavirus

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