Immersive gaming bringing back the boldness for Courage Kenny patients

[Sun Post, September 08, 2021] Jeffrey Voltin was in a rollover car accident this spring that left him with a traumatic spinal cord injury. The Anoka man was in the middle of a move north to Virginia, Minnesota.

It’s been a tough path of recovery for the 56-year-old, who’s currently in the care of doctors and specialists at Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute in Golden Valley. He is partially paralyzed from his neck down, with limited ability to move his arms. Voltin wasn’t sure what to expect when he began his recovery at the institute, but he certainly wasn’t anticipating the number of video games he’d be playing to aid his recovery.

Once or twice every week, Voltin is wheeled to an all-purpose room, strapped into a pair of HTC Vive goggles, and finds himself in the immersive world of virtual reality gaming.

Voltin said the games push him to work harder than any other type of prescribed exercise.

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Posted on September 08, 2021 in Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute

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