Woman hospitalized for coronavirus meets nurse who held her hand the night she thought she'd die

[WCCO-TV, August 03, 2020] Karen Rabe Schmidt and her partner Mike, healthy and in their early 60s, ended up in United Hospital’s COVID-19 ICU in April. Although they survived—they almost died.

Karen says she’s not the same person she was before COVID-19. She says she’s at about 75% of what she was before, Mike says he is at 90%, roughly. Three months out from COVID-19, the couple still feels the effects.

“I think we just need to realize this is real and it’s here to stay,” she says. “I pray you don’t get as sick as we do if you get it, thank God there’s Natalie’s there to be with us and take care of us because it’s terrible.”

Natalie Whalen is the ICU nurse who held Karen’s hand the night she thought she was going to die.

Posted on August 04, 2020 in United HospitalcoronavirusInfectious Disease

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