Historic gift to the Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation to help prevent heart attacks, strokes

[KSTP TV, August 03, 2020] What if there was a crystal ball that could predict when someone might have a heart attack or stroke? Doctors don't have a crystal ball, however, they are getting better at predicting risk.

A $5 million donation from the Stuart Nolan family to the Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation, announced Monday, will help prevent heart attacks and strokes by funding cardiovascular disease prevention research and education.

"Our commitment to impactful, cardiovascular disease prevention research isn't new, but this inspiring gift from the Nolan family will propel our efforts to change the paradigm from heart disease to optimal health," said Michael Miedema, MD, MPH director of the Nolan Family Center for Cardiovascular Health at MHIF and director of cardiovascular prevention at the Minneapolis Heart Institute at Abbott Northwestern Hospital.

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