The possibility of a second COVID-19 wave

[KSTP TV, June 15, 2020] As COVID-19 positive test results continue to come in across the country, some states that have reopened are rethinking their decision. In Arizona, some businesses that opened are closing again. In China, more cases mean Beijing is locking down some residential areas.

Experts agree Minnesotans have done a good job keeping the disease peak at bay.

"We significantly changed the behavior of this disease in Minnesota and I would like for us not to have a short term memory issue, the virus hasn't gone away," said Dr. Tim Sielaff, Chief Medical Officer with Allina Health.

Sielaff says wearing masks, washing hands, social distancing and staying home when sick is now plateauing cases here. But he says we need to stay vigilant and keep doing those things.

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