Mercy Vice President: Hospital ahead of surge planning for COVID-19

[ABC Newspapers, April 16, 2020] Mercy Hospital is a quiet place these days.

“It depends on where you are in the hospital, but for the most part, in the hospital it’s very empty,” said Daniel Steffen, Mercy’s vice president of operations.

Like hospitals around the state, Mercy’s Coon Rapids location and its Unity campus in Fridley have instituted no-visitor policies and suspended elective medical procedures due to the coronavirus pandemic. And while Steffen couldn’t share the number of COVID-19 patients the hospital has seen, he said Monday, April 13, that the hospital has yet to see the predicted surge in cases.

“We haven’t seen the surge as quickly as we had anticipated a few weeks ago, which is great news from our perspective,” he said. The delay likely indicates the social distancing measures Minnesota has taken are working, he said.

Mercy Hospital in Coon Rapids

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