Ambulance Magic: Connecting with pediatric patients

[Epoch Times, August 12, 2019] Riding in the back of an ambulance can be a traumatic experience, especially for children. It can also be hard on the paramedics responsible for treating the patient on the way to the hospital. One first responder had a harrowing experience treating a child, and now he’s connecting with his patients using an old hobby: Magic.

Ivan Mazurkiewicz is a 33-year-old Allina Health EMS paramedic in Scandia, Minnesota. As a first responder he faces a lot of challenges when treating children. Most of the calls he responds to involve adults, and they are better able to express themselves.

Children, on the other hand, may have trouble explaining what is wrong. They tend to be more afraid, apprehensive, and harder to connect with. Furthermore, there’s something uniquely difficult about witnessing a child who is sick, injured, scared, or in pain.

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Allina Health Paramedic Ivan Mazurkiewicz received the Allina Health Commitment to Care Award for his efforts to calm pediatric patients with his magic.

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