New Minnesota-made CPR tool helps save lives by elevating patients' torsos

[KMSP Fox 9, April 18, 2018] There’s a new CPR tool on the market for first responders that’s manufactured in Minnesota. Only a few places are using it as part of a research project, including two fire departments in the Twin Cities metro area. Doctors say the device will save more lives and help patients recover.

The device is called the EleGARD and the Andover Fire Department is just one of three in the entire nation that has it. It’s a simple concept and this research will show just how much it can help during CPR. The EleGARD slowly elevates the head and upper torso during CPR.

“The physiology of elevating the head and chest up markedly improves blood flow to the brain and heart, and we’re hopeful implementing this new science will improve our survival rates even further,” said Dr. Charles Lick, the Allina Health EMS medical director.

Lick is overseeing this research project and how to best implement the EleGARD device. He’s working with the Andover and Coon Rapids Fire Departments who each received a machine last month.

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