Courage Kenny helps paralyzed U of M student play video games again

[KMSP Fox 9, February 27, 2019] A University of Minnesota student with a bright future is adapting to his new life after he was nearly killed biking home from class. It’s a journey made easier and more enjoyable by advanced technology provided to him by the Courage Kenny Rehabilitation institute.

Last July, Cook was nearly killed. The 21-year-old was riding his bike home from class at the University of Minnesota when he was struck by an SUV near campus. Cook was paralyzed below his neck and he’s had to adjust to his new normal.

Cook has adjusted by getting the chance to play his cherished video games for the first time since the accident. Instead of using his once lightning-quick hands, Cook’s mouth and chin now maneuver the on-screen characters with various patterns of sips and puffs on what’s called the QuadStick.

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