Hastings mom uses her fight against cancer to inspire generosity

[KARE 11, January 18, 2019] When Melissa Black began fighting breast cancer last year, she knew she wasn't alone. Her husband, Charlie, and her two sons, Marcus and Donovan, fought through the tough days with her.

Though her fight against cancer at Allina Health, Melissa decided to live by a simple motto: choose joy. Months later, she learned that her outlook had rubbed off on her sons.

Though the boys admired their mom's courage, they still wanted to do something for her, so they decided to apply for a grant through Wishing for Mommy, a non-profit that awards money to kids who are looking to do something special for their moms who have breast cancer.

Weeks after applying, the boys learned that the entire family was invited for a special presentation. The boys received $500 grant, thanks to a pretty selfless wish. And they're donating the money to a charity to fund cancer research.

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