Are we more stressed during summer?

[KARE 11, June 28, 2016] As much as some people loathe the winter, summer may be the more stressful time of the year.

Digital coaching platform meQuilibrium looked at assessments from more than 30,000 members and found that their ability to deal with adversity diminished and stress levels went up during the summer. The company said the increase in stress can come from factors outside the office.

Moms and dads may have to take on the extra role of entertainment director while their children are on summer break from school.

“My recommendation to parents is to understand that our kids can't have it all, none of us can. We all want it all and we just need to say no,” said Allina psychologist Cheryl Bemel. “I think kids need to be bored because it's the only way they learn how to entertain themselves and if we're programming for them 24/7 we're not making them life-long learners and being able to do good self-care and then they may end up in my office."

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