Critical care team
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Each patient is asked to have a primary contact person(s). Family and friends can be directed to the contact person for updates.

If you are a patient's contact person, you may call us for updates.

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Critical care team

In addition to attending physicians, other physicians may take care of your family member as consultants. These physicians are specifically requested to see the patient to give opinions and provide treatments.

  • Intensivist - a physician who specializes in intensive care medicine
  • Internists - a physician specializing in nonsurgical diseases
  • Cardiologist - a physician specializing in diseases of the heart
  • Nephrologist - a physician specializing in kidney diseases
  • Pulmonologist - a physician specializing in diseases of the lungs
  • Neurologist - a physician specializing in neurological diseases (i.e. brain and spinal cord)
  • Surgeon - a physician who conducts surgery
  • Trauma surgeon - a physician who specializes in trauma (injury) care
  • Neurosurgeon - a physician who specializes in neuro trauma (injury), and brain and spinal care
  • Registered nurse (RN) - The registered nurse has advanced education in the care of critically ill patients. The primary nursing approach promotes continuity and coordination of care by paying attention not only to the physical needs of the patients, but also to the psychological, emotional and spiritual needs that often accompany a serious illness, injury or prolonged hospitalization.
  • Health unit coordinator - The health unit coordinator answers phones, transcribes physician orders and assists in receptionist duties.
  • Nursing assistant - The nursing assistant assists with patient's personal cares under the direction of the registered nurse.
  • Transport aide - The transport staff assist with transporting patients to and from procedures and/or tests. The staff also helps with many other delivery needs for the patient and hospital staff.
  • Housekeeper - The housekeeping staff keeps the environment clean.
  • Respiratory therapist - The respiratory therapists work closely with the physician and nurses to provide airway management, deliver oxygen, assist in managing ventilators and administer breathing medication.
  • Pharmacists - The pharmacists work closely with the physician and nurses to assure safe and correct medication administration and monitoring for the desired response. They are available to assist with medication information and teaching.
  • Social worker - The social workers are available to assist patients and families with financial concerns, discharge plans, home health needs, nursing home arrangement and transportation needs. They are also available to assist with organizing family conferences.
  • Dietitian - The dietitian is available to assist patients in meeting their dietary requirements.
  • Chaplain - The hospital chaplain provides an interfaith ministry, nurturing patient/family values and beliefs, and encouraging a more holistic approach to health care. Your physician, nurse or social worker can make a referral.
  • Rehabilitation service - As your family member's condition improves, the physician may order physical and occupational therapy.
    • Physical therapists address mobility needs.
    • Occupational therapists assist with activities of daily living training.
    • Speech language pathologists assess and treat swallowing and communication issues.
  • Interpreter - a free service, available upon request.
  • Patient representative - Questions, concerns or complaints about care or related issues should be discussed with your family member's physician, nurse or the patient representative. The patient representative is there to help answer questions before they turn into problems.

Meet the intensivists

An intensivist is a doctor who specializes in the care of patients in the intensive care unit (ICU).