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Prostate cancer treatment

  • Your health care team will develop a treatment plan to fit your needs.

    Prostate cancer treatment depends on the stage of the disease and the grade of the tumor (which indicates how abnormal the cells look and how likely they are to grow or spread).

    Your prostate cancer treatment plan also takes into account your age and general health.

  • Prostate cancer and treatment

    Treatment for prostate cancer may involve these aspects:

    expand to learn moreActive surveillance

    expand to learn moreSurgery

    expand to learn moreRadiation therapy

    expand to learn moreHormonal therapy

    expand to learn moreChemotherapy

  • Prostate cancer survival rate

    Prostate cancer has a high survival rate when it is detected and treated in its early stages.

    Also, many studies are being done to discover new treatment methods. When research indicates that a new method has promise, patients may be eligible to be treated in clinical trials to determine the new treatment's effectiveness.

  • Doctor Steve puts his hand on a patient's shoulder to reassure him as they talk about prostate cancer treatment

    Dealing with cancer treatment side effects

    Prostate cancer treatment can cause many side effects.

    Cancer research

    Participating in a clinical trial may help you take a more active role in your health care. You may also gain access to new drugs, treatments and disease management practices.

    Cancer rehabilitation

    Whether you are a cancer survivor or are undergoing cancer treatment, you may face symptoms that interfere with daily life. Our cancer rehabilitation team can help.