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Care team

  • The neuro-oncology care team includes highly specialized professionals. Some of these professionals include:

    • neurosurgeons
    • neuro-oncologists
    • medical oncologists
    • interventional neuroradiologists
    • neuropathologists
    • neuro-otologists
    • otolaryngologists
    • craniofacial surgeons
    • radiation oncologists
    • cancer care coordinator
    • clinical research nurses
    • advanced practice registered nurses such as clinical nurse specialists and nurse practitioners
    • social workers

  • Source: Virginia Piper Cancer Institute and John Nasseff Neuroscience Institute
    Reviewed by: John E. Trusheim, MD, medical director of neuro-oncology, Virginia Piper Cancer Institute
    First published: 06/28/2016
    Last reviewed: 06/01/2016