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  • Health records

    You have the right to see information in your health record. Your health record includes your medical history, health insurance information and how to contact you.

    It is the duty of Allina Health to ensure that your record remains confidential and is maintained and released in accordance with applicable laws.

    Requesting access to your health information

    You can request your health record information either electronically using your free Allina Health account, or by completing and sending the appropriate paper form. 

    Request using your Allina Health account 

    Use your free Allina Health account to submit an electronic request to send a full copy of your health record to:

    With your Allina Health account you always have immediate access to select information in your health record including clinic visit summaries and notes.

    Request using paper forms

    Complete and send the appropriate paper form to request and send a copy of your health record to:

    Receiving your health information

    You have choices on how to receive your health information, including:

    • Allina Health account, a free online portal to your health information
    • CD/DVD
    • paper copy
    • encrypted or non-encrypted email. If you choose to receive information in a non-secure manner, the information will not be encrypted and it could be viewed by a third party. Allina Health is not responsible for unauthorized access of your health information while in transmission. 
    • secure business portal (used when sent to individuals other than yourself)
  • Electronic health records: Questions and answers

    Allina Health has one of the most comprehensive electronic health record systems in the nation. 

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