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Urgent care

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    Don't wait to feel better.

    Urgent care is open evenings, weekends and most holidays.

  • Common care examples

    • Flu
    • Headaches
    • Back pain
    • Abdominal pain
    • Sprains
    • Broken bones
    • Urinary tract infections
    • Infections
    • Stitches
    • Injury due to a car accident 
    • Minor burns
  • Questions and answers about urgent care

    How do I know if I should go to urgent care?

    How do I know if I should go to the hospital ER?

    How much will I pay for an urgent care visit?

    Will my health plan pay for urgent care visits?

    Why do copays differ for urgent care?

    Do I need to be an Allina Health patient to use Allina Health Urgent Care?

    Why is urgent care offered on a walk-in basis?

    How long will I wait to be seen once I arrive?

    Will Allina Health Urgent Care have my medical record?

    What other choices exist when my clinic is closed but it's not severe enough to go to an emergency room?

  • eVisit through MyChart

    A medical visit that provides quick online care for common conditions, without a trip to the clinic. An eVisit provides a diagnosis, treatment plan and any necessary prescriptions.
    Do an eVisit.

  • Source: Allina Health Urgent Care
    Reviewed by: Rodney Christensen, MD, chief medical officer, Allina Health clinics; Susan Scanlon, MD
    First published: 02/24/2012
    Last reviewed: 10/28/2013

  • Locations and hours

  • All urgent care locations are open Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 26. See holiday hours.

  • Burnsville


    Coon Rapids


    Inver Grove Heights




    St. Paul



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