Vascular services

Get back into circulation. Patients, families and vascular medicine physicians are critical partners in the diagnosis, treatment and management of vascular disease at:

Mercy Hospital Vascular Center
Coon Rapids, Minnesota
1-866-4HEART2 (443-2782)

Minneapolis Heart Institute® Vascular & Endovascular Services
Minneapolis, Minnesota

United Heart & Vascular Clinic
St. Paul, Minnesota

Unity Hospital Heart & Vascular Services
Fridley, Minnesota
1-866-4HEART2 (443-2782)

What is vascular disease?

Vascular disease is a range of conditions that affect your body’s vascular or blood vessel systems.

Common forms of vascular disease include:

Healthy circulation

Good circulation and healthy legs

Age, obesity, smoking, multiple pregnancies, excessive standing and lack of exercise can put you at risk for venous insufficiency. 

Learn how healthy legs keep the circulation going.