Additional exercises

Do these exercises only if instructed by a therapist or your surgeon. You can track how often you do these exercises on the home exercise program additional exercises tracking sheet.

knee dangling
Knee dangling/swinging

Sit on a bed so your feet will not touch the floor. Allow your knees to bend. Swing your surgical leg back-and-forth so that you feel a gentle rebounding sensation. Do this for 2 to 3 minutes.
side leg lifts

Side leg lifts (abduction/adduction)

Lie on your non-surgical side with a pillow between your legs. Lift your surgical leg straight up to the side. Hold for _______seconds. Slowly lower your leg down and relax. Repeat _______ times.

prone knee extension stretch
Prone knee extension stretch

Lie on your stomach with a rolled-up hand towel under your thigh, just above the knee of your surgical leg. Slowly lower your leg toward the floor letting your foot hang over the edge of the surface. Do not lift your hip. Hold for _______ seconds. Repeat _______ times.
prone knee flexion

Prone knee flexion

Lie on your stomach with a rolled-up hand towel under your surgical thigh. Bend your knee back as far as possible. Hold for _______ seconds. Return to the starting position and relax. Repeat _______ times.

prone hip extension

Prone hip extension

Lie on your stomach with a pillow under your hips. Keep your surgical leg straight and lift it toward the ceiling. Hold for _______ seconds. Slowly lower your leg down and relax. Repeat _______ times.

Standing knee exercises

Stand next to a kitchen counter or table, and hold on securely. Stand up straight during these exercises. Work up to holding for 5 seconds.

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advancedstanding 7
Raise up onto the balls of your feet.
advancedstanding 6
Bend your knees slightly, by sitting back with your hips.
advancedstanding 3
Lift your leg out to the side.
advancedstanding 4
Bend your knee, as you bring your heel up toward your buttocks.
advancedstanding 8
Raise your forefeet off the floor.
advancedstanding 2
Bend your knee as you bring it up toward the ceiling.
advancedstanding 5
Lift your leg slightly backward, while squeezing your buttocks. Keep your knee straight.
advancedstanding 1
Lift your leg forward off the ground. Keep your knee straight.
calf stretch

Calf stretch

Stand facing a wall. Put the leg you want to stretch behind you. Keep your toes pointed forward and your heel on the floor. Lean forward until you feel a stretch in the back of your back leg. Keep your back leg straight. Hold for _______ seconds. Repeat _______ times.

step stretch

Step stretch

Place the foot of your surgical leg one to two steps above and lean into your surgical knee, keeping your upper body straight by holding onto railings. Hold for _________ seconds. Repeat _________ times.

knee step up

Knee step up

Step up with your surgical leg, then step back down. Repeat _________ times.

Source: Allina Health's Patient Education Department, Knee Replacement, seventh edition, ortho-ah-90140
First Published: 10/01/2000
Last Reviewed: 02/01/2020