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About RSS feeds

RSS means "really simple syndication." This XML-based format is a good way to get the latest from Allina Health. As soon as news or recipes are posted or updated on, you can receive it as a feed to your computer's RSS reader.

What is an RSS reader?

To receive RSS feeds, you need to have an RSS reader or aggregator. This type of software is built into Internet browsers. You also can download and install free RSS readers, such as SharpReader. If you'd rather not install software, you can access RSS feeds through free web-based services like Newsblur.

How do I sign up for RSS feeds?

You can start receiving RSS feeds from in a few steps:

  • Make sure you have an RSS reader installed on your computer.
  • Select the button next to the feed you want, or copy and paste the feed's URL into your reader. Your RSS reader will receive updates from in the areas you have chosen.
  • You can add or delete feeds at any time.

When you sign up to receive an RSS feed from, you agree to follow our terms and conditions of use regarding any content you receive.