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Please note: The programs listed on this page are community resources that are not owned or managed by Allina Health or Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute.

Accessible playgrounds in Minnesota

List of accessible playgrounds

New Ulm Accessible Playground
Hermann Heights Park & Monument
14 Monument Street, New Ulm, MN 56073

The playground is engineered to provide a unique mixture of activities, working out major muscle groups, balancing, climbing, upper-body and sensory activities. The site incorporates natural features such as rocks, trees stumps and boulders. Other unique features include:

  • a double zip cruise with regular and accessible seats
  • sway-fun equipment that is wheelchair accessible
  • wee-saw, a balancing circuit over an optical river that flows throughout the play area
  • other imaginative pieces.

St. David's Center
The equipment is specifically designed for children ages three to 10 at all stages of motor, cognitive and social development for children all of physical, cognitive and behavioral abilities. Nature-Based Play In our one-of-a-kind playscape. Children will discover the open-ended, creative, outdoor play in nature that so many of us experienced in our childhoods. Features include a live willow house, dry creek bed and mud kitchen as well as Rhapsody Outdoor Musical Instruments that make outdoor music fun for children of all ages and abilities. These instruments are an outlet for large motor skills, social skills building and creativity. Please note: During business hours, the playground is only open to children supervised or approved by St. David's staff. The playground is open to the general public 6 - 9 p.m. weekdays and 8 a.m. - 9 p.m. on weekends.

Adult Day Programs

Animal-assisted activities

Arts and crafts

Camps – not all are wheelchair accessible

Dance, movement, theater

Music Therapy


  • Livewires-Developmental disabilities. Carla at 952-447-6508

Sports and recreation

Individual grant opportunities

List of individual grant opportunities - updated May 2017

Alpine Ski






People with Aphasia



Social sites



Therapeutic horseback riding


    Community education and activities for people with disabilities