Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute is committed to innovation in its use of technology, therapy and pioneering health care programs to better serve its clients.

Our goal is to provide resources that improve the lives of individuals and the overall health of the community. We're also exploring more cost-effective ways to provide services through new care models and partnerships with government agencies and other outside organizations. 

Innovation at Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute

ABLE treadmill actionABLE - Activity-Based Locomotor Exercise
This intensive fitness program for people living with paralysis or neurological conditions delivers standardized activity-based exercises based on current scientific and clinical evidence.

Advanced Primary Care Clinic thumbnailAdvanced Primary Care Clinic  
The Advance Primary Care Clinic is a medical home for people with disabilities or complex health conditions. It has reduced hospital stays through early intervention, and by offering medical, rehabilitation and psychiatric care in one accessible clinic location. 

Assistive technology 
This department is devoted to finding technology that maximizes independence for people with disabilities.

Cancer Rehab thumbnailCancer rehabilitation
Cancer rehabilitation care addresses the unique needs of cancer patients before, during and after their treatment. 

Chronic Pain Rehabilitation Program This three-week, primarily residential program helps people increase function despite pain and decrease reliance on the medical system through classes, aquatic and land exercise, and use of self-regulation techniques. 

Integrated Health Partnerships – Medicaid Demonstration
Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute's participation in the State of Minnesota’s Integrated Health Partnerships allows us to expand our promising care models while being financially rewarded through shared savings arrangements for improving health and reducing costs for those we serve.

Lokomat treadmill in useLokomat®  Lokomat® is a robot-assisted treadmill for patients with severe injuries due to stroke, brain injury or spinal cord injury. Patients can benefit from the intensive training that Lokomat provides even years after their injury.



Carol using Ekso

Robotic walking devices 
The Ekso™ GT and the ReWalk 6.0™ robotic exoskeleton are among the innovative robotic walking devices enabling people to experience walking after a spinal cord injury, stroke or other neurological condition.




Sports medicine technology:
AlterG, CycleSMART and RunSMART

Courage Kenny physical therapists help athletes recover from injuries or prevent them from happening in the first place through the use of innovative technology.