Women's Heart Health Program

Heart disease is the No. 1 killer of women. In response to the growing need to support women of all ages in reducing their risk for heart disease, the Cardiac Center of Buffalo Hospital launched a Women's Heart Health Program. The program, specifically tailored to women, includes:

  • a thorough risk evaluation
  • a personal plan to prevent heart disease
  • a year of support to help you follow through with your heart health improvement goals

An investment of $95 covers the cost of your appointment and follow up for one year. Gift certificates for the Women's Heart Health Program are available.

Risk evaluation

Your first step is a visit with a specially trained registered nurse from Buffalo Hospital's Cardiac Center and includes:

  • a personal health history
  • personal family history of cardiovascular disease
  • heart disease risk assessment
  • blood tests including cholesterol, LDL, HDL, triglycerides, glucose, homocysteine level and C-reactive protein levels
  • calculation of your body mass index (BMI)
  • waist/hip ratio
  • blood pressure and heart rate

Creating your personal plan

After your evaluation, you'll meet again with the nurse to:

  • review the results of your tests
  • discuss your overall risk for heart disease
  • develop an individual program for preventing heart disease
  • have follow up conversations a three, six and 12 months with the nurse in person or by phone if you choose to

Further recommendations might be encouraged including:

  • working with a dietitian
  • customizing a personal fitness plan with an exercise physiologist
  • meeting with doctors and using other resources to set goals to help you minimize your risk by improving your diet and fitness, quitting smoking, managing stress and other medical issues. If your risk factors are high, cardiologists and additional cardiac testing are available at Buffalo Hospital's Cardiac Center.