Heart Center
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Mark Kraemer, MD medical director of Cardiac Services, consults with a patient in the Heart Center

Heart Center

Top-notch cardiologists and staff care for you in Buffalo Hospital’s newly renovated Heart Center, fully equipped to handle all the diagnostic tests, noninvasive treatments, cardiac rehab and follow-up that you would need for almost any heart health problem.

If you need advanced treatment, the Heart Center has strong links with Mercy Hospital, a top 100 hospital for heart care, so you can transition smoothly to Mercy and then back to the Heart Center for your follow-up. You can get almost all of your cardiac care close to home.

Clinic visits

The expanded Heart Center at Buffalo Hospital opened in June, has four new private clinic rooms, equipment and a more comfortable environment for patients. Now patients who see Allina Health-affiliated cardiologists from Metropolitan Heart and Vascular Institute (MHVI) will have their clinic appointments in the Heart Center instead of the Allina Health clinics or Buffalo Clinic offices.

“This puts everything the patient needs within a few steps, and we can deliver care very efficiently and very personally,” said Mark Kraemer, MD, medical director of Cardiac Services, Buffalo Hospital, who was recently named a “Top Doctor” in Mpls. St. Paul Magazine. “When a patient is having a test and there is an abnormality, we can respond and address the abnormality more quickly. We can read test results and then talk to patients right away.” The Heart Center is in close proximity to the rest of the hospital, making it more efficient for cardiologists to see their patients in the hospital.

Fully staffed, full service

The full-service Heart Center offers clinic visits with the cardiology providers, cardiology consultations in the hospital, stress testing, nuclear medicine, echocardiography, pacemaker and defibrillator checks, peripheral artery disease screenings, and cardiac rehabilitation. MHVI cardiologists are onsite all day during the week and available for consultations on weekends.

For heart catheterization procedures and surgeries, patients are transferred to Mercy Hospital. “The cardiologists from MHVI staff both Buffalo and Mercy hospitals. We know the staff there as well as the staff here in Buffalo, so we feel great about the continuity of care between these two excellent hospitals,” added Kraemer. Thomson Reuters Healthcare rated Mercy Hospital as one of the nation’s 100 top cardiovascular hospitals seven years in a row.

Allina Health has an electronic health record that makes it possible for the entire care team to have the patient’s medical record immediately available no matter if the patient is seen in the Buffalo Heart Center, the Mercy Heart Center or in the primary doctor’s office. This fully integrated team provides high-quality care with an emphasis on continuity and personalized care.