What to expect
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What to expect

What to expect at the emergency department

It's helpful to understand what takes place when visiting the Emergency Department (ED). We are committed to providing excellent, timely care. Our first priority is to save lies, so the most severely injured or ill patients are seen first.

  • ED arrival
    Upon arrival, patients first check in at the registration desk, and are brought immediately back to a triage room. A registered nurse will assess your vital signs, medical concerns and history to ensure patients with the most urgent needs are seen first.
  • Registration
    Registration is typically completed at your bedside. It is helpful to bring a list of current medications, list of allergies and insurance. If your insurance requires a co-payment, you will need to make a payment before you go home.
  • Diagnosis and treatment
    Patients are seen in private exam rooms by a board-certified emergency doctor. If you require imaging services such as an X-ray, MRI or CT scan, those services are just down the hall. When all tests results are reviewed, your doctor will decide whether you will be discharged or admitted to the hospital.
  • Going home
    Once your doctor determines you can go home, you are provided with complete discharge instructions. If you need a prescription, InstyMeds, an automated system that dispenses prescriptions, is available in our lobby.

Your care team

During your visit, your care team may include an emergency doctor, a registered nurse, medical or radiology technician and a laboratory technician.


In most cases, one visitor at a time is allowed at your bedside. This will allow your medical needs to be met and privacy maintained.

Relatives and friends are asked to remain in the emergency lobby area unless their presence is absolutely necessary for your care. Staff will keep friends and family informed about your care and treatment as much as possible.