Smaller is better when it comes to setting health-related goals in 2024

[WCCO-TV News, December 26, 2023] As a Bariatric dietitian with Allina Health, Elizabeth Vander Laan, MS, RD often helps people as they embark on a weight management journey. She joined WCCO-TV for an interview about setting health-related goals in the 2024. To give yourself the best chance at success, she says:

  • Set smaller goals. Instead of saying I’ll go to the gym seven days a week, say two.
  • Instead of focusing on the type of food you can’t have, focus on what you can have. An example? Think produce and protein.
  • Set up a group text with some friends and gently hold each other accountable.
Watch the interview for more tips.

Posted on December 26, 2023 in Bariatrics/Weight Management

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