Allina Health Abbott Northwestern doctors save 16-year-old stroke patient

[WCCO-TV, November 09, 2018] A Coon Rapids high school football player has quite the story to tell about a lifesaving medical procedure.

The life saved was his own and it may not have happened if his girlfriend, Ellie, didn't realize something was seriously wrong with him.

Ellie called 911 and soon Cole was inside the neuro interventional radiology lab at Abbott Northwestern. At just 16 years old, Cole was having a stroke.

With a radiologic dye, Dr. Yasha Kayan located where the clot was cutting off the blood flow to Cole’s brain. He snaked a catheter through Cole’s femoral artery to grab and suck out the clot.

KARE 11, Fox 9, KSTP-TV and CTN cable news also covered the story.

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