Tips on avoiding flu

[KARE 11, December 18, 2014] The Minnesota Department of Health says school influenza outbreaks are spiking, one sign an even bigger outbreak may be coming. That's because as many people get together this week for the holidays, they may spread the virus, and children can pass it on quickly.

"That's the thing about influenza," said Dr. Frank Rhame, Infectious Disease Physician at Allina Health Clinics. "It's highly unpredictable."

"You can ask a mom to keep her kid home from school," said Rhame, "But you can't ask a mom not to take her kid to the family gathering for Christmas." Flu spreads through contact, so doctors recommend using hand sanitizer, wiping down surfaces, avoiding touching your face. They say you can even wear a mask. And if you do feel sick? Take Tamiflu right away.

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