Joint Replacement Center outcomes

The Joint Replacement Center has demonstrated expertise in joint care with excellent patient outcomes. It also meets objective clinical measures developed in collaboration with expert physician panels and national medical organizations. Typical procedures include: routine and complex total knee replacements, total hip replacements, hip resurfacing and revision procedures.

Percentage of patients who ambulated on day of surgery (DOS) with PT in 2020

Early ambulation (walking) following surgery can reduce the risk of complications as well as improving overall outcomes.

Percentage of Patients who Ambulated on Day of Surgery with PT chart 

Length of Stay (LOS) in 2020

"Length of stay" refers to the average number of days a patient stays in the hospital for their procedure. A shorter hospital stay often result in a faster return to normal activities.

Length of Stay Number of Days chart

Discharge to Home Percentage in 2020

This metric tracks the average percentage of patients who are discharged home with home-based rehabilitation instead of inpatient rehabilitation or a skilled nursing facility. Patients who discharge home are less likely to have complications and be readmitted.

Discharge to home percentage chart 

Abbott Northwestern Hospital Total Hip and Knee Infection Rates in 2020

The joint replacement center takes a multi-modal approach to infection management before, during and after a joint replacement. These efforts reduce the potential risk of infection following a joint replacement procedure.

ANW Total Hip Infection Rate chart

ANW Total Knee Infection Rate chart