Intraoperative MRI Suite

imri300x200Abbott Northwestern's Intraoperative MRI Suite is our newest, most advanced neurosurgical operating room.

Key components of this technology are:

  • a large bore, high field, movable MRI scanner
  • an integrated data management system, combining frameless navigation with image guidance.

These capabilities support the greatest possible removal of abnormal tissue with the least possible effect on normal brain function - maximizing the completeness of surgery while minimizing complications.

The types of brain surgery for which iMRI is most useful are:

  • tumors located close to areas of important brain function
  • pituitary tumors and other masses along the skull base
  • epilepsy surgery
  • functional neurosurgery targeting precise locations - e.g., placement of electrodes for deep brain stimulation to treat movement disorders.

The iMRI suite is used for both adult and pediatric neurosurgery in cooperation with Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota.