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Your health history and physical exam

  • Your primary care provider should do a health history and physical exam before your surgery. Call your primary care provider to schedule your appointment.

    During the exam, your primary care provider will:

    • evaluate your current health status
    • review and perform any tests needed before surgery
    • make sure you are ready for surgery

    If you take any medicines, make sure your primary care provider gives you instructions for the following:

    • taking your medicines the morning of surgery
    • stopping any prescription medicines before your surgery
    • stopping any over-the-counter medicines before your surgery, including herbal medicines

    If you are having your surgery at Abbott Northwestern Hospital

    In addition to your health history and physical exam, you will need to have a Preoperative Clinic appointment at Abbott Northwestern Hospital. Your appointment will be within 7 to 14 days before your surgery.

    If your surgery is scheduled in a shorter amount of time, your clinic appointment may be less than 7 to 14 days before your surgery.

    During this appointment, the clinic staff will:

    • go over information on safety during your hospital stay
    • create your plan of care
    • give you pre-surgery instructions about activities on the day of surgery