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Pre-surgery education class

  • The hospital at which you are having your surgery may offer a pre-surgery education class. Members of your health care team will be there to answer questions and help guide you through your surgery experience.

    It is strongly recommended that you bring a member of your care circle to this class. This person should also be available to act as a "coach" during your hospital stay and recovery.

    At the pre-surgery education class, you will learn:

    • how to get ready for surgery
    • what to expect during your hospital stay
    • how to go home safely after surgery
  • Scheduling your class

    You will need to call to schedule a pre-surgery education class if you are having your surgery at one of the following hospitals:

    • Abbott Northwestern Hospital:
    • Buffalo Hospital:
      Your class will be scheduled for you by your clinic. Call the clinic at 763-682-5225 if you have any questions.
    • Cambridge Medical Center:
    • District One Hospital:
    • Mercy Hospital:
    • Mercy Hospital – Unity Campus:
    • Regina Hospital:
    • St. Francis Regional Medical Center:
    • United Hospital: