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Frequently asked questions

  • If you have an appointment at one our clinics, here are some frequently asked questions to help you prepare for your visit.

    What is a Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist?

    A Maternal Fetal Medicine (MFM) specialist, also known as a perinatologist, is a high-risk pregnancy expert that specializes in the care of women whose pregnancies may be complicated by chronic or acute medical conditions or conditions affecting their baby.

    When should I see a Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist?

    Minnesota Perinatal Physicians see patients for preconception counseling when there is a concern regarding family history, past pregnancy outcomes or potential genetic and or medical conditions that might impact a pregnancy. We also see patients anytime during a pregnancy based on concerns noted by your primary care provider/primary care obstetrician.

    How do I get an appointment to see a Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist?

    Patients are most often referred to our clinic by primary care providers/obstetricians or other specialists when there is a concern regarding pregnancy. Providers can complete the service request and enter an order in electronic medical record; or fax a completed referral to our clinic. Patients can be seen by their own request, but they will need to check with their insurance to see if they need a referral as we are a specialty clinic.

    What is an obstetric hospitalist? I was told I may be seen by one.   

    Obstetric hospitalists are board-certified OB-GYN physicians who provide an extra level of care support to new moms and babies staying at The Mother Baby Center (Minneapolis and St. Paul locations) on an as-needed basis. Obstetric hospitalists can quickly respond to any situation that may arise, and should be considered a partner in a patient's care along with their primary care doctor or midwife and Minnesota Perinatal Physician providers. For high-risk pregnancy care needs, Minnesota Perinatal Physicians providers work closely with obstetric hospitalists in The Mother Baby Center.

    Will I get to keep seeing my own doctor if I come see you?

    Most patients can continue to see their primary care provider. We frequently work with your provider as a consultant. Some patients based on their medical history, pregnancy course and your primary care provider may determine that transfer to a specialist is needed. You will be involved in that decision if needed.

    Why did my doctor ask me to see a genetic counselor?

    Our genetic counselors see patients and families for a variety of reasons. Often it is to discuss testing and screening options or review previous test results. It may be to assess the risk of a medical condition that can run in families or if you have experienced an abnormal pregnancy outcome. They also will review current medications and environmental exposures for safety during a pregnancy.

    How are services billed?

    Minnesota Perinatal Physicians is a hospital based clinic, which means that both a facility fee and doctor's fee may be billed for all visits. We will be happy to provide you with a list of potential billing codes that may be used for your visit based on the services performed, but we cannot guarantee all codes will be known prior to your visit. Please contact your insurance provider to discuss coverage.

    Can I bring children?

    It is not recommended that you bring young children to your appointments. This may prevent you and your partner from being able to fully discuss different aspects of your pregnancy. If you decide to bring your children, please bring someone that is dedicated to stay with them during your visit.

    What if I don't feel well, should I keep my appointment?

    If you have a fever or known contagious illness, please call the office and talk with the nursing staff to determine if you should keep your appointment or reschedule.

    When I have an ultrasound is there anything specific I need to do?

    For routine ultrasounds you do not need to come with a full bladder. You may be scheduled for any of the following ultrasound exams.

    Do you take 3D/4D pictures?

    While we have a capacity to do these, this is only used if it provides other specialists with helpful information. You will be offered ultrasound pictures of your baby(ies) or a CD to take with you.

    Can I eat or drink before my visit?

    The clinic staff will let you know if you should or should not have anything to drink or eat before your appointment.