Mom celebrates twins after rare csection scar pregnancy

[Allina Health Newsroom, November 10, 2023] Halston and Hayes Groenwold just celebrated their first birthdays. Their mom thanks a second opinion for their health and her own.

At five weeks pregnant, Becca Groenwold of Baxter, MN learned she had a cesarean scar pregnancy. Becca was told she likely would not be able to carry her twins to term.

Placenta Accreta occurs when the placenta grows into the uterine wall during pregnancy. While rare, it's more common in those who've had a previous c-section. The condition can be life-threatening for moms. Minnesota Perinatal Physicians, part of Allina Health, is a Placenta Accreta Spectrum Center of Excellence. They have a specialized team, trained and ready to help moms with this condition. 

“The appointment with them was drastically different from my first appointment. I felt hope because the doctor was talking to me about the pregnancy and delivery instead of saying they could not survive,” said Becca. 

"Our team does a really good job, and Becca is a great example of that, of laying out all of the options and then honoring the choice that she and her family made," said Catherine Bigelow, MD.

Becca gave birth at 30 weeks pregnant at The Mother Baby Center at Abbott Northwestern Hospital. She thanks her care team and other patients for creating a sense of community while she spent months away from her home.

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