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Intensive Care Unit

  • It is our highest priority to provide excellent care for your loved one. Abbott Northwestern intensive care units (ICU) are recognized among the best in the nation. We appreciate the importance of your role as a partner with the care team. Your presence is welcomed and encouraged.

    We have two specialized intensive care units.

    • PB2000 located on the second floor of the Piper Building, PB2000 is a unit that cares for patients with medical/surgical/neurological needs.
    • H4200 located on the 4th floor of the Heart Hospital, cares for patients with cardiovascular medical and surgical intensive care needs. 
  • Contact us

    Each patient is asked to have a contact person(s). Family and friends will be directed to the contact person for updates.

    If you are a patient's contact person, you may call us for updates.

    PB2000 phone:

    H4200 phone: