The Whole Way to Better

Challenging the health care status quo

Everyone can see that the U.S. health care system is too complex, too expensive and too fragmented. The result is a system that serves some patients well, some adequately and some hardly at all.

We can’t go on like this. At Allina Health, we’re not going to.

Uniquely qualified to lead the way

We are a community-focused, non-profit health system with a 130-year connection to our diverse communities. We’re made for this moment and ready to lead this change. In fact, we’ve been quietly redefining what a health care system looks like for decades:

Our vision: The Whole Way to Better

We’re launching an ambitious, transformational initiative to challenge the health care status quo on multiple fronts. We call it The Whole Way to Better.

  • New ways to deliver and fund care. Whole-Person Care—mind, body, spirit and connection to community—defines our approach. We’re pioneering financial models such as value-based care, where the goal is to improve health rather than simply treat illness. We are also partnering with others who share our vision for creating more accessible and affordable care.
  • Meeting people where they are. We understand that health is influenced by many factors that lie beyond the walls of our hospitals and clinics, such as safety, education, employment status, housing and access to transportation. We strive to provide care that meets the unique needs of each unique patient.
  • Providing seamless, connected care. We’re taking steps to ensure that every part of our system works in coordination to create an effortless care delivery experience for patients.
  • Making care more equitable and inclusive. In 2008, we launched The Backyard Initiative, a decade-long effort to partner with south Minneapolis neighborhoods underserved by the health care system. Today, we’re co-leading an effort to eliminate structural inequities in health care.
Allina Health's Whole Way to Better program to transform health care