Care team

Joint Replacement Center care team

The Joint Replacement Center at Unity Hospital is supported by a team of dedicated, experienced professionals who have many years experience working patients recovering from knee or hip replacement surgery. Your care is coordinated by a team of skilled professions including your surgeon, an orthopedic surgery team of nurses and technicians, hospital physicians who monitor your progress, registered nurses, physical and occupational therapists and social workers.

Our entire team works together with you to ensure that you experience a successful journey back to a more active life—pre-surgery, during your stay at Unity, and ongoing rehabilitation when you go home. Our commitment is to provide you with an exceptional experience through the highest quality education, guidance, coaching and care.

Orthopedic surgeons

Jason Barry, MD 
Richard Birdwell, MD
Adam Bloemke, MD
Paul Diekmann, MD
Robert Doohen, MD
Greg J. Folsom, MD
Jay Kruse, MD
David F. Labadie, MD
Randall Norgard, MD
Erik Wetter, MD

Your OR team

Unity's surgical team is comprised of professionals who specialize in orthopedics, and who closely follow the latest evidence-based care guidelines and trends in joint surgery. This team participates in more than 450 joint replacement surgeries at Unity each year. Many nurses in the OR (operating room) have completed training to become Certified Nurses of the Operating Room (CNOR).

Your nurses

The nursing staff at the Joint Replacement has chosen to make orthopedic care the focus of their career. With ongoing education and specialized training, these nurses have cared for patients for decades. Many live in the north metro community, and are proud to be serving their neighbors.

Your rehabilitation staff

Physical and occupational therapy is provided in partnership with the Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute, a leader in rehabilitative services in Minnesota. Using an integrated approach to your physical and occupational therapy, these professionals will help you to regain the strength and mobility to make every day tasks more comfortable. The Institute also provides outpatient therapy for you to continue recovery after you leave the hospital.

Your coach

Patients are encouraged to select a friend or family member to assist them with their recovery post-surgery. The coach will attend therapy sessions at 9:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. each and help you with short walks, complete exercises for your hip or knee and provide encouragement and support. You will receive more information about your coach's role at your pre-surgery education class. For patients who do not have a coach available, a limited number of hospital volunteers have been trained as patient coaches.