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With a referral from your doctor, you may enter the program at any phase.

Ask your doctor or nurse for information about Mercy Hospital's cardiac rehabilitation program or call us at 763-236-3535.

Cardiac rehabilitation
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Cardiac rehabilitation

We are located in the lower level of Mercy Hospital - Unity Campus.

Cardiac rehabilitation

Cardiac rehabilitation helps you live a healthy, active life after a cardiac event. It is a carefully planned program to help people with heart disease or people with a high risk of heart disease enjoy better health through health education, counseling, and exercise training.

Our three-phase program is certified by the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehab (AACVPR).

Cardiac rehab team

Our dedicated staff will guide you through your rehabilitation. The cardiac rehab team includes:

  • your physicians and clinic nurses
  • cardiac rehab occupational or physical therapists 
  • exercise physiologists 
  • cardiac rehab nurses  
  • consulting pharmacists 
  • chaplains 
  • social workers 
  • clinical dieticians 

Inpatient cardiac rehabilitation

Phase 1 monitored inpatient

If you are hospitalized for a cardiac event, the cardiac rehabilitation team will work closely with your doctor to teach you simple exercises that help increase your physical skills. During your inpatient session your heart is monitored and a tailored program is developed that you can safely use when you are home.

Our team of professionals will also teach you and your family how to manage your condition. Cardiac rehabilitation is a critical component in rapid recovery and return to an active lifestyle.

Outpatient cardiac rehabilitation

Outpatient cardiac rehabilitation services include a variety of classes about healthy lifestyle topics, a monitored exercise program, and an un-monitored exercise program.

Phase 2 monitored outpatient

Phase 2 cardiac rehab is usually covered by insurance, but you need to contact your provider to ensure coverage. The focus of this phase is to work on physical skills to return to your normal activities and provide you with extensive education about your heart condition, your risk factors and how to incorporate changes for better health.

Continuous heart monitoring and frequent vital sign assessment by the rehab staff ensures a safe exercise program of six to eight weeks, usually three time per week. In addition, we routinely update your physician on your progress.

Exercare program

Exercare is a cardiac maintenance exercise program or a community exercise program. Our professional staff check your vital signs as needed and help you set goals for a healthier lifestyle.

Participants can attend education classes on topics such as nutrition, smoking cessation, medication management, stress management, and weight loss.

Each staff member is ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) trained and can assist you with any emergent problem.

Heart Power

This is an exercise and lifestyle modification program for heart failure patients staffed by qualified health care professionals. They help you design a personalized exercise program and provide education based on your needs and goals.

The program includes a one-on-one consultation with a therapist for review of patient medical history, medications and diet. The visits also include a quick look of heart rhythm, blood pressure check, and evaluation of weight and symptoms. This program serves as a bridge between hospital discharge and the start of Phase 2 Cardiac Rehab, for those patients that are eligible for Phase 2.

Assistive devices are available to support mobility.

Advantages of the program:

  • Improves endurance in daily activities
  • Helps in maintaining independence
  • Reduces emergency room visits and hospitalizations
  • Individual education from dietician and pharmacist
  • Group interaction promotes friendships and social support

You will need approval from your health care provider before enrolling in this self-pay, low cost program.