Neurological Intensive Care Unit
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Rooms are spacious to accommodate patients' medical needs and family visits.

Neurological Intensive Care Unit

Neuro ICU

The Bentson Family Foundation Neurological Intensive Care Unit (Neuro ICU) provides care for patients who need a specialized focus on healing the brain. Advanced monitoring and treatment are provided in a state-of-the-art unit with 14 private rooms.

The Neuro ICU primarily serves patients who:

  • are recovering from neurosurgery
  • had a stroke
  • had an endovascular coiling procedure to treat a brain aneurysm.

Patients receive the highest level of intensive care from doctors, nurses and therapists who specialize in neurological care. Directing the unit is a team of doctors (called neurointensivists) who specialize in critical care for neurology patients. Registered nurses have received training in critical care, neurology and neurosurgical procedures.


The Neuro ICU is specially designed for neurology intensive care patients and their families. Facilities include:

  • 14 spacious private rooms for patients, with space for monitoring technology, ceiling lift and generous space for family members to visit
  • beds with special features to promote wound healing and air flow and to prevent skin breakdown
  • windows into most rooms so that nurses can monitor patients from the hallway, promoting greater privacy for patients and families
  • portable CT scanner to provide emergency head CTs without moving patients from their beds
  • one room equipped for bariatric patients
  • several rooms equipped for patients who require dialysis
  • equipment to monitor and record EEG readings for patients with epilepsy.

Role of Bentson Foundation

The Bentson Foundation made a generous donation to United Hospital Fund to create the Bentson Family Foundation Neurological Intensive Care Unit, which opened in August 2013. The foundation was started by Larry and Nancy Bentson in 1956.