Care team

The Peter J. King Emergency Care Center at United Hospital is one of the first hospitals in the Twin Cities to be exclusively staffed 24 hours a day by full-time, board-certified emergency department physicians and highly trained emergency care nurses and staff. You can be assured your health is in good hands.

Adams, Dina K. MD
Alvey, Rudolf F. MD
Anderson, Nathan P. MD
Austad, Erin J. MD
Beeman, William W. MD
Bowler, Nathaniel S. MD
Donner, Scott W. MD
Duren, Joey L. MD
Echols, Kelsey MD
Erickson, Lawrence G. MD
Friedman, Sara E. MD
Fritzlar, Sandy J. MD
Gapinski, Leah M. MD
Geddes, Jeffrey R. MD
Glasrud, Katherine J. MD
Hennessey, Thomas W. MD
Hillman, Merle D. MD
Hokanson, Jonathan S. MD
Horejsi, Thomas G. MD
Indritz, Austin N. MD
Johnson, Nicholas C. MD
Kapsner, Christopher E. MD
Katzung, Katherine G. MD
Kessen, Brian R. MD
Madigan, Joseph C. MD
Mayeux Jr, Gary P. MD
Obetz, Christopher L. MD
Olsen, Jeremy D. MD
Pattee, Justin A. MD
Rosonke, Brooke R. MD
Roy, David W. MD
Scholz, Ryan B. DO
Smith, Kevin S. MD
Stoik, Nicole E. MD
Wahlberg, Joseph C. MD
Westwater Jr, Joseph J. MD