Women’s health care

River Falls Area Hospital, in partnership with Allina Health River Falls Clinic, is meeting the growing need for expert care and advice for women’s health issues, including gynecology, breast health, pregnancy and childbirth issues. Our program offers care for a woman’s lifelong health care needs.

Many women suffer in silence from conditions like incontinence, pelvic support, abdominal pain, infertility, or pain before and after pregnancy. New treatments can help quickly, with little disruption or recovery time. Treatments may range from physical therapy to surgical procedures.

Physical therapy

Studies have shown that physical therapy helps improve bladder control, low back pain during pregnancy and other women’s health issues.

Treatment may involve stretching and strengthening muscles, as well as improving posture. Biofeedback or relaxation techniques may be used to teach patients how to deal with health problems and improve their well-being.

Surgical procedures

Our physicians use new minimally invasive procedures to give life-changing relief from symptoms. These procedures may be completed at the clinic or, for more extensive procedures, at the hospital’s surgery center.

Our women’s health care team is here and ready to help. We’ll answer your questions and help you choose a treatment that fits your life.

Women’s health care services