Wellness services

Worksite wellness services

Our team of experienced wellness specialists are ready to help you implement an employee wellness program at your worksite. Our worksite consultation walks you through all the steps necessary to implement a successful, results-orientated wellness program.

How we can help

Whether you’re just getting started or want to learn how you can enhance your current worksite or wellness program, we can:

  • Help you gather the necessary data to guide your programming efforts
  • Conduct annual wellness screenings
  • Meet with your wellness committee to help create and grow a worksite committee and plan
  • Guide your policy change efforts (i.e. vending policy, tobacco free worksite)
  • Consult on any of your programming or policy change initiatives

Resources available

  • Wellness resources: articles, recipes, videos and online resources
  • Educational sessions on health and safety topics
  • Incentive program materials
  • Quarterly health newsletter
  • Individual health counseling/coaching