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Track your symptoms and drainage post-surgery, explore curated educational content, jot down notes during appointments, and keep track of your care-related tasks.

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Hello, and welcome. Today, I'll be your guide to explore the newest mobile app by Allina Health, Cancer Connection. This app is specifically designed for breast cancer patients to support you as you manage your health and take control of your treatment. In this tour, I will show you how to onboard the app and make the most of its unique features. Let's get started.

First, let's walk through the onboarding process. When you first download the app, you'll be asked to provide a name to set up your profile. And you will then be guided through a few screens to understand the basic functionality and features of the app. Once you've completed the onboarding, you will land on the home page, where you will see a snapshot of some of the app's various features. The home page is customizable, allowing you to choose what you want to see and drag and drop the widgets into your preferred order. It's your personal dashboard tailored to your needs.

Let's open the Menu and begin exploring the various features. First, we'll take a look at trackers. There are two trackers. The first allows you to track and monitor your symptoms. So you can see trends over time and facilitate conversations with your providers about how you are responding to treatment and medications. You can also add a new entry at any time by selecting the symptom you are experiencing and the severity. There is also space to add a note to the entry.

The second tracker is designed to help you track drainage from a Jackson-Pratt drain after a surgical procedure. To set up the drainage tracker, you can add multiple drains, a drainage goal, and any notes you've received from your provider. For example, if you've had a mastectomy and have two drains, it may be helpful to name them left and right to ensure easier and more consistent tracking.

Instructions on how to care for your drain can be found on the tracker summary page. And instructions for emptying your drains are provided on the drainage entry screen. Each time you empty your drains, you simply enter the volume of fluid per drain, and it will be totaled and tracked on a daily basis. This tracker also has logic built in to alert you when you've reached the drainage goal given to you by your provider, indicating when it may be time to have them removed.

Cancer treatment and recovery are complex topics. And finding trustworthy information online can be a challenge. Leveraging a partnership with Wolters Kluwer, we serve curated, up-to-date, and expert-reviewed educational content in our learning library, organized by topic. If you find an article to be especially helpful or want to save it for later, you can add it to your bookmarks, which can be accessed from the main page of the Learning Library.

Moving to the Notepad feature, here you can jot down notes from your provider during appointments or keep track of any other notes related to your cancer care. You can also list questions you want to ask during your next visit, so you never lose track of a question. Not sure what to ask? We've provided a list of commonly asked questions that you can add to your list to get all the answers you need.

The To Do section helps you manage your care-related tasks. We provide a few recommended tasks. But you can also add your own and assign a date and time, create a recurrence, and indicate whether you'd like an alert beforehand. Depending on the date of the task, it will either appear under the To Do tab or under the Upcoming tab if it's a task due in the future.

Finally, we have the Resources section. Here you'll find a variety of resources recommended to you by Allina Health. Whether you're looking for support services, information on free lodging during treatment, or advice on discussing your condition with loved ones, our Resources section has you covered. And that concludes our tour. We've designed this app with your needs in mind. And we hope that it will be a valuable tool to assist you in your care with Allina Health. Thank you for joining me today, and take care.

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