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Center for Advanced Heart Failure Treatment

Heart failure (or congestive heart failure) is one of the fastest growing health problems in the U.S., with people of all ages experiencing its life-changing effects. In many cases, the right treatment can slow the progression of the disease and help those with heart failure live longer, more satisfying lives.

Allina Health Minneapolis Heart Institute®'s Center for Advanced Heart Failure Treatment brings together a team that specializes in heart failure and understands how to manage it. The team works closely with each patient, the patient's primary care doctor and the patient's family. This coordinated approach focuses on the individual needs of each patient and family and helps them live with heart failure more comfortably and easily.

Because heart failure can profoundly affect how patients and families live their lives, the Center emphasizes education and support.



Our cardio-oncology clinic offers services for cancer patients with heart conditions.

Heart Transplant

The Transplant Program has been in existence since 1985. Each year, approximately 15 patients receive a new heart at Abbott Northwestern Hospital.

Heart transplant survival rates

Abbott Northwestern Hospital

National hospital average

1-year post-transplant



3-year post-transplant



Source: Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients


These devices once acted as a "bridge" between the time a patient was in need of a heart transplant and the time a heart was available for transplantation. Due to recent technological advancements, they function as a more permanent solution, allowing some patients to avoid a heart transplant all together.

There are several options available to treat advanced heart failure when managing the disease is no longer the best option for the patient.