Genetic counseling
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Genetic counseling

Genetic counseling

Genetic counseling enables you to make choices consistent with your personal beliefs and values. A goal of genetic counseling is to help you make the best possible adjustment to decisions about testing, having children and any possible risks.

Our genetic counselors are specially trained in medical genetics and counseling. They offer support and can connect patients with other supportive agencies or resources.

Your counselor will ask about family health information and use that information to identify possible risk factors. If any risk factors are identified, the counselor will provide you with medical facts, and explain how the condition is diagnosed and managed. The counselor will also inform you if the condition is hereditary and how likely it could occur in your family.

Genetic counseling is for couples who:

  • Plan to be or are already pregnant, when one or both have a child or relative with a birth defect or genetic condition
  • Are in a high-risk ethnic group for genetic conditions, such as African American, Eastern European Jewish or Mediterranean
  • Have had multiple pregnancy losses
  • Are worried about contact with medicine, contagious diseases or chemicals near the time of conception or during the pregnancy
  • Have a family history of early onset cancer

Genetic counseling is for pregnant women who:

  • Have abnormal results from clinic tests such as ultrasound or amniocentesis
  • Are at least 35 years old at the time of delivery or when the baby's father is age 50 or older at conception

Chromosome testing

  • Education on prenatal screenings and reproductive options
  • Gene testing
  • Interpretation of complex family histories

For an appointment

Your physician may refer you to our counselors or you may make an appointment directly. Most health insurance plans cover the costs for genetic counseling, but it is best to check before your appointment. Most often, patients are seen at the Perinatal Clinic, or in the hospital when necessary. Most appointments take about one hour, but can range from 30 minutes to two hours.